Practical Uses for Old Things

New and Practical Uses for Old Things

Enjoy the last bit of winter and play around with these inspiring ideas for your home.

Table toppers 

Line your favorite coasters up in a row to make an interesting table runner. It’s both functional and easy on the eye. 

Visual vases 

A group of vases in different shapes and colors make an ideal small focal point in any room. The secret is to group them in odd numbers – preferably three or five. Go on, waken your creative spirit. 

Paper for your thoughts 

Take time out to put all your thoughts on paper in a notebook or journal. Set your ideas in words, so you can find inspiration from it at a later stage. With cell phones and the internet constantly bombarding our mind, it’s vital to set aside time for your dreams. 

Cookie-cutter frames 

Let love overwhelm you as you walk through the pantry door: hang cute cookie cutters against the frames to set a cozy mood for the kitchen. 

Pretty portrait 

Create your own artwork with empty frames. Give the frame a new look with a fresh coat of paint, then place it around a single flower in a glass bottle. 


When serving lemons with your dishes, you often end up with pips in your plate. Here’s an idea: wrap half a lemon or some wedges in fine-woven muslin and place it on the table so your guests can squeeze with ease. 

Disk drawers 

Chest of drawers offers clever storage for CDs and DVDs

Wired words of wisdom 

We see them in singular form – a word, or an emotional work of wires – but when you group them together, you can create a sentimental dictionary on the wall. 

Scooting kitchen rack 

Why not? Try using the shell of an old scooter as a kitchen rack. Add some hinges to the back wheel arch and you could even have a food cabinet. 

Tree trunk potters 

Create your own forest corner by using tree trunks as plant pots and stands. Group together trunks of different heights to bring nature to your stoep.