What are the Requirements for Immigrant and Non-immigrant Visas?

Many people today wish to go abroad and visit some foreign countries. Before applying for a visa, you should know that there are two main types of U.S. visas. It can be an immigrant and non-immigrant visa. It is also essential to know your tax residence and be aware of the TN visa taxes. 

Non-immigrant and immigrant types of visas are entirely different notions. Each of them has its definition and meaning. The following information will be handy for you if you want to know more about the visa policy of the USA. 

Peculiarities of a Non-immigrant Visa

Before talking about some characteristic features, it is necessary to understand the meaning of a non-immigrant visa. This visa type is specially designed for the citizens of foreign countries. With the help of this visa, they are allowed to stay in the U.S. for some time. 

According to the U.S. visa policy, there are more than 20 different types of non-immigrant visas. However, just several subcategories became popular and frequently used. In general, it depends on the purpose of your arrival in America. It may be tourism, study, temporary work, business, medical treatment, etc. So, a non-immigrant visa would be the right choice for the permanent citizens of some foreign countries, who want to visit the USA.

Besides, there are some countries, which are considered to be members of the Visa Waiver Program. If you live in one of such lands, it is not necessary for you to have a U.S. visa. It means that you may freely visit this country and don’t care about a permit. 

Main Features of the U.S. Immigration Visa 

To understand the very essence of this visa type, you should know the definition of an immigrant visa. It is a type of U.S. visas, which allows the citizens of other foreign countries to live, study and work in the USA permanently. 

Immigration visas also can be divided into some categories. It depends on the immigrants’ purposes as well. It can be employed or different family circumstances. Immigrants should decide which group is the most suitable for them.

Sometimes, you may have your immigrant visa rejected. It happens even if the American embassy or the consulate has already considered and approved it. One of the most critical steps is the approval of your visa by a CBP officer. He will decide whether you are allowed to pass the American border. After you manage to get an immigrant visa, you will become a permanent resistant of the United States legally. 


There are two main types of U.S. visas: immigrant and non-immigrant. It is essential to know the purpose of your arrival in the United States. In such a case, you will understand what type of visa you should apply for. 

Nicki Minaj Makeup Tutorial

Nicki Minaj Makeup Tutorial

Nicki Minaj’s makeup isn’t probably something you’d wear to the supermarket. Between her collection of brightly-colored wigs, massive false, and bold makeup, the Starships singer is now as known for her stand-out beauty and fashion choices as she is for her chart-topping hits. But in a world of smokey eyes and red lips are amongst the most popular makeup choices, Nicki Minaj certainly makes the world brighter like anime blue hair girl. I love the fact that she always looks like she’s having fun with her look. Yes, it might not be what you’d wear on an everyday basis, but if you have the chance, then why not.

This weekend sees Nicki take to the stage for a Scottish music festival, T In The Park, and I’m hoping she manages to incorporate a Scottish angle to her look – tartan wig anyone? And although the Scottish weather will probably damp and cloudy, here’s hoping Nicki will brighten things up. For the cover of the recently-released tune, Starships, Nicki opted for some full-on color with yellow and green eye shadow and pink lips. It was bold and eye-catching and perfect for Nicki. So in honor of Nicki’s T In The Park appearance, I asked MAC’s Senior Makeup Artist, and fellow Scot, Lynsey Alexander, below, to put together a Nicki Minaj makeup tutorial on how to get the Starships to look.

Lynsey says, “Start with a full coverage base applying with a sponge to build a smooth but even finish. Define the brows in a pencil such as the one being used here – Lingering from M. A. C. 

“Then apply M. A. C Chromaline in Yellow on the inner corners and M. A. C Chromaline in Green on the outer edges. Wing the color out at the edges with a soft blending brush #217. Liquid liner is applied along the top lash line and a big set of lashes such as M. A. C no. 3 have been applied.

“Cheeks have been colored in a bright pink such as M. A. C Dollymix and the lips finished in a cool blue-pink such as M. A. C Snob Lipstick”.

So once you’ve got the products, by the sounds of things, the look is fairly easy; there are not any super complicated techniques for this bright look. I reckon Nicki is going to be amazing; she recently performed at the Hackney Weekend and was brilliant, just what you need to brighten up your day. 

Aside from MAC’s amazing product selection, which is perfect for copying Nicki’s makeup, the brand also has close ties to the star. MAC and Nicki joined forces this summer to release, MAC Viva Glam which included two lip products. Nicki’s bright yellow pink lipstick called VIVA GLAM NICKI Lipstick is in keeping with the star’s own makeup choices. And what’s even better about this particular product is that the full amount from the sale of these products, less the VAT, goes toward helping women, men and children around the world affected by HIV and Aids.

Laundry Cupboard

How to Make a Laundry Cupboard by Yourself?

We are going to show you step by step how to achieve a great result building your own more ‘streamlined’ laundry corner. You can’t store nested magnesium glycinate chelate, other pills or things of necessity there, still, it is the must-have detail at any home. 

Let’s move to our brief project guide. 

Hard labor – 3/10 

Skill level – 6/10 

Time needed – about three hours 

Finished size ±870 (H) x 650 (W) x 80mm (D) 

Do it yourself for ~$400 (supawood R70; pine R80, hinges R10, primer & paint R240)


• Most modern washing machines protrude slightly beyond the surrounding cabinetry and it is necessary to consider this in the desired design and either make a screen or a fitted ‘cover’. You may choose the latter option to show an alternative solution, with the advantage being that this reduces noise substantially. If your washing machine does not protrude, a hinged door (see optional steps) would be the ideal. 

Use these materials:

• 6mm supawood for the detailed inset. 

• 70 x 22mm pine for the frame.

• 70 x 16mm white melamine strips for reveal (frame around the back of the door), as we intend painting the screen door white. If you plan to paint another color or even to distress the door, use 70 x 22mm pine or supawood. 

• Our opening measured 870 x 650mm; adjust your cutting list as needed.


Front frame 

• Two 1800 x 70m x 22mm pine cut to two 820mm lengths two 650mm lengths

Back frame (for the freestanding screen) 

• Two 1800 x 70 x 22mm pine or 16mm  cut to two 870mm lengths one 650mm length one 618mm length


• 6mm supawood cut to one 740 x 530mm


• wood glue 

• cabinet hinges (optional) 

• corner blocks 

• 10mm wooden dowel 

• 70mm chipboard screws 

• 16mm chipboard screws 

• panel pins 

• primer and paint; pay attention to Plascon Multisurface primer followed by an off-white topcoat of Plascon Velvaglo 

• paintbrush or foam roller


• drill  

• 3mm drill bit and 10mm drill bit OR combination countersink bit 

• 38mm Forstner bit (optional) 

• try square 

• saw and miter box 

• pencil 

• measuring tape 

• router 

• hammer 

• G-clamps 

• straight edge

Before Get Started

1 Clamp each of the two sets of 70 x 22mm pine lengths for the front frame firmly to your work surface then, using your router and a straight bit, cut a recess along one edge measuring 10 x 10mm deep.  


One could also use a table saw to do this: set the blade to cut a depth of 10mm and adjust the guide so the blade will cut 10mm from the edge of the timber. Cut along the length then turn the timber on its edge to complete the right-angled cut.

2 Use the saw and mitre box to cut the 70mm x 22mm pine to the lengths needed to create your door frame. Cut the ends at 45 degrees to create your mitered corners.  REMEMBER  The edge with the recess must face to the inside of the frame.

3 Then drill countersunk pilot holes and fix the lengths at right angles to make up the framework. Use the 10mm drill bit to create two holes roughly 10mm deep at the ends; use a piece of tape wrapped around the bit to indicate the drilling depth. Then use the 3mm bit to drill the pilot hole. Now glue and screw together using the 70mm chipboard screws (two screws at each joint). Use clamps to hold the corners together while you fix these together.

4 Add some glue into the 10mm holes then tap the end of the 10mm wooden dowel into the holes. Use a hacksaw blade to trim the exposed end flush with the surface. Repeat until you have plugged all eight holes.

5 Now mark lines across the length of the 6mm supawood panel. Start by marking a line down the middle then divide the remaining space into equal parts; our lines were spaced roughly 80mm apart. Once you’re happy with the spacing, replace the straight bit with a tapered router bit. Using a guide clamped firmly in place and your base plate adjusted, rout 5mm deep grooves along these lines.

6 Fix the 6mm supawood backing into the inside of the framework. This will also provide lateral support to the frame structure. Use panel pins to fix the panel in place, as shown.

7 Use the corner blocks to fix the 70 x 22mm pine or 16mm melamine lengths to the outside of the frame to create the reveal. Now add the doorknobs.

Optional steps

7A If your washing machine is positioned deep enough within the surrounding cabinetry to enable you to add a hinged door to cover it – the ideal – use the 38mm Forstner drill bit and an electric drill to drill two holes along one side 5mm from the edge, as shown.

7B  Use a tri-square to ensure the hinges are positioned correctly (at right angles to the door edge) before fixing these in place, then hang the door in position.