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Rock Your Day with Rustic Vintage Wedding Ideas

Getting ready for any wedding season is not difficult indeed. And we are already going crazy for rustic vintage wedding ideas that have recently been spotted on just about every trend site and magazine highlight that can be found on the shelves right now. We love the look because it’s so effortlessly beautiful and natural, the look was made for fall weddings and it’s a great way to embrace the outdoors before winter sets in. Traditionally this look was reserved from the more Bohemian carefree types, but now brides and grooms from all walks of life are opting for this gorgeous look. If you are at a complete loss on how to use this style in your own wedding, then stay with us, as we are about to show you some of the most inspirational looks out there! Prepare to be impressed!

To make sure you get the look just right, make sure you don’t forget these all-important finishing touches to the wedding:

Keep colors neutral with just a small pop of bright color.

– Don’t be afraid to DIY! The results will be impressive and something you can boast about afterward.

– Keep fabrics flowy and casual.

– Collect cheap or free oldfashioned tableware from charity shops or your grandma.

– Consider the venue and how you can incorporate all your vintage finds into the event.

– Don’t worry about been too particular or too formal, we love rough unfinished edges.

More useful wedding decor ideas and themes are enumerated in the infographic right below. 

And last but not the least point, don’t forget to enjoy the day, it’s all about relaxing and not getting hung up about the little things.

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