Standard Poster

What Is Standard Poster Size?

Posters have become an integral part of advertising. Each company tries to present its activities by placing posters. If you have already decided on the design of the poster, then the question remains what is the standard poster size in inches and what is the poster printing Bay Area. So, in this article, we will give you answers to these questions and even more.

What is a poster?

A poster is an artistically designed paper that captures a specific idea or image. Back in the 19th century, this was the name of an advertising poster, for example, with the announcement of a theatrical performance or a political slogan. The design was as laconic and bright as possible to attract attention. Almost two centuries later, little has changed. However, today a poster is not only a poster with an advertisement, but also a decorative element that can transform the space beyond recognition. Such an interior detail performs the same function as artistic paintings.

What Is Standard Poster Size?

A poster is a bright paper or billboard, in which the main role is played by the image. There is little or no text. Posters can be either commercial (if they announce an upcoming event, such as a concert (standard movie poster size) or sale), or decorative, used to decorate interiors.

Accordingly, the size of the poster is determined by its function as well as the location where the poster will be placed. The larger the surrounding space, the larger the poster can be. Agree, if a huge poster hangs in a narrow corridor, you can see only an insignificant fragment of it “point-blank”. And vice versa. 

A small poster from a distance will be perceived as a speck of color. So, what is the standard poster board size? There are standard poster sizes due to printing technology. 

Printing of posters, posters can be performed on paper from 80 to 300 g / m2, depending on the requirements for consumer properties and price. Standard sizes of posters: A3 (297×420 mm), A2 (420×594 mm). Additionally, posters can be varnished or laminated. 

There is a basic paper sheet size, A0 (841×1189 mm), and the size reduction occurs in multiples of these “dimensions” – half, quarter, 1/8, etc. Accordingly, following the base size are the following: A1 (584×841 mm), A2 (420×594 mm), and A3 (297×420 mm). The next size is A4. This is a standard sheet of writing paper. To consider such a leaflet as a poster is the height of arrogance. After all, a poster is an eye-catching bright poster, not a leaflet. 

The most popular standard poster size is A1 and A2. A1 is, as a rule, a poster announcing a loud event: presentation, standard concert poster size, etc. Such posters should be visible from afar, and therefore a fairly large size is most effective to attract attention. 

A1 is also good for decorating the interior of a spacious room. A2 size is more suitable for notification of commercial events (standard poster size for conference) – sales, presentations, etc.