Mushrooms Cause Nausea

Why Do Magic Mushrooms Cause Nausea?

Among different potential side effects of taking magic mushrooms, nausea and vomiting are pretty widespread. Nonetheless, the appearance of side effects may scare consumers away from taking mushrooms for recreational or medical purposes, but there is nothing to be afraid of. Get the best quality shrooms and make sure your spiritual experience will take place correctly. Now, let’s discover the reasons for nausea appearance and how to deal with nausea from shrooms.

What causes shrooms nausea?

Naturally, nausea after taking magic mushrooms can occur due to the chemical reactions that negatively influence the gut. These mushrooms incorporate a substance called psilocybin that is inactive and intoxicating psilocin that appears after psilocybin has broken down. It is worth mentioning that raw magic mushrooms also contain a small dose of this active ingredient. So, after the mushrooms have reached the human’s system, the acid and enzymes in the gut will interact with the inactive psilocybin. At the same time, the psilocin will absorb into the organism between 30 minutes after administration.

The first and primary cause of shrooms’ nausea is pure psilocybin that reacts badly to the human gut. Essentially, the kinds of magic mushrooms with a higher concentration of psilocin will be more accessible for consumers to metabolize without a lousy impact on the digestive system. As for shrooms` suppliers, it would be better to mention the exact dosage of both psilocybin and psilocin on the labels – this will help users predict the risk of nausea.

A pretty popular question among consumers is when does shrooms’ nausea go away. Since the nausea is considered the early effect of mushrooms that come after about 30-40 minutes, it might go away when the visible effects of magic mushrooms fade away.

How to cope with nausea when on magic mushrooms?

Whether the possibility of getting nausea or vomiting can frighten you so you can even refuse to take shrooms, then you should know the effective ways to prevent yourself from undesired side effects. One of the most excellent solutions to improve stomach condition is to use lemon juice. 

Naturally, a citrus juice has approximately the same PH level as your stomach acid. Once the cell walls of the mushrooms are exposed to the lemon juice, the process of breaking down the active compounds becomes faster. This way, the reaction between psilocybin and psilocin and the stomach acid will be less visible.

The easiest way to use lemon juice while consuming psilocybin-containing mushrooms is to grind them into a powder (use a coffee machine if needed) and mix the powder with a juice in a glass until it absorbs enough liquid. This method is genuinely compelling to prevent yourself from undesired side effects of your gut. However, there are a few factors you need to take into account. First, the citrus juice will likely make the shrooms kick in faster, while your trip will be more intense but will last for a shorter time. In addition, using lemon juice before the shrooms` trip doesn’t mean you will get rid of nausea thoroughly since the human body tends to react to psilocybin with nausea anyway.