how to extract psilocybin from mushrooms

How To Extract Psilocybin From Mushrooms?

Since magic mushrooms have become very popular recently, consumers are looking for more information on this topic. Now, you can easily buy magic mushrooms online, but people are still wondering: how to extract psilocybin from mushrooms? Well, in our article, we will talk about psilocybin mushroom extraction and even more.

Methods of psilocybin extraction

There is more than one method of how to get psilocybin. So, let’s look at a few of them here. To begin with, consider what parts of the fungus may contain psilocybin. The answer is quite obvious, of course, that it is contained in both the caps and the stems. The difference is that in the caps there are usually more of this compound than in the stems. 

Also, keep in mind that the only part of mushrooms that do not contain psilocybin is fungal spores. The amount of psilocybin also varies depending on the type, size, and other properties of magic mushrooms. Ordinary forest mushrooms usually contain less of this substance than cultivated ones. Psilocybin is stored longer in dried magic mushrooms. If after four weeks in fresh mushrooms you can find only the remnants of psilocybin, then in dried form mushrooms keep it for months and even years. Most psilocybin is formed in young magic mushrooms. Of course, for the psilocybin extraction, in addition to the fungi themselves, other equipment is required. Here is the list:

  • Desktop fan;
  • Crater;
  • Pollen masks;
  • Persistent ethyl alcohol;
  • Ten vat syringe;
  • Glass;
  • Bottles (with tight lids).

Psilocybin extraction process:

  1. We take a magic mushroom and cool it with a dehumidifier. For chopping, your magic mushrooms are recommended to be dry.
  2. The next step is to grind dried mushrooms. Mushrooms should acquire a powder form, and then to complete this process you need to put them in a bag and for the best effect pound with a pestle.
  3. Then your mushrooms are sent to the bottles, which must be tightly closed with an airtight lid.
  4. After all the above points, you need to add alcohol. There should not be much alcohol. Add it as much as possible to cover the whole powder, and a mushy substance should form when stirring.
  5. If you are sure that everything was done correctly, shake the bottle well to completely mix the ingredients. The bottle should stand for twenty-four hours. Remember that the bottle will need to be shaken from time to time so that the powder does not settle and the necessary chemical reactions take place.
  6. After the allotted time, filter the alcohol with pollen masks.
  7. All the alcohol you managed to get should be poured into another bottle.
  8. Then, you will need to repeat all the previous steps to take the secondary filtering.

After the secondary filtration, you will need a beaker. We will pour our alcohol extracts into it.

  1. Ripples should form on the surface of the alcohol. At this stage, we will need a fan. Its air must enter the glass, which contains alcohol.
  2. Although with the help of a fan, this process will take much less time, you still need to wait a few hours. Accordingly, the more alcohol in the glass, the longer the whole process will take.
  3. To get one cube of cm of the solution, you will need about one or three grams of dried mushrooms.
  4. The resulting extract should be stored in a secure bottle in the freezer.

Crystallization of psilocybin

Let’s deal with such a process as the crystallization of psilocybin. This will help you store your extract properly (pure psilocybin extraction). Let’s describe this process in detail for beginners psilocybin crystal extraction. 

The whole process begins with the last stage of the extraction of psilocybin from magic mushrooms, which we described above.

You will need hydrochloric acid, to begin with. Add this enough to form a pH of 3.0. Then evaporate to one-tenth of the original volume, add a non-polar solvent, and mix. 

The resulting mixture should stand in this state for several hours. Residues of solvent left on the surface must be removed. You can use a regular syringe and other methods to do this. 

Then leave the solution until you see that two layers have formed. The top layer will need to be removed with a syringe. The layer should be either yellow or greenish. Then repeat the process by adding a new portion of acetone. During drying, transparent crystals should form from the extract. The power of each of them can be determined by weight. That’s all. The process is complete. So you can increase the shelf life of psilocybin.